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Run effective political crowdfunding campaigns in three easy steps


Create a political campaign to tell your fundraising story. Make it unique with your own pictures, videos and style. We provide personalized coaching and support every step of the way.


Share your campaign with your network and supporters through social media and email. Our deep social media integration helps you propagate your campaign, rally your supporters, and achieve your fundraising goal.


Collect contributions with PayPal, Stripe or WePay account. Money is deposited almost instantly and you can access it immediately. Unlike other platforms, our platform doesn’t withhold your funds until you hit a goal.
Why CampaignHQ?

1. Get far greater reach for your political campaign with unlimited campaign pages and advanced social media sharing capabilities


2. Set up flexible goals and extended deadlines, offer promotional political election items with shipping functionality


3. Transform your crowdfunding page into a powerful communication tool with smart campaign updates, video recording, social sharing and more


4. Collect endorsement messages and videos from your supporters. Automatically target those messages to your supporters' social networks


5. Collect accurate extended donor data for reporting. All contributions received from supporters directly flow to your account


6. All of this functionality running under your control and with your branding

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